Our School

Taylor Elementary is a terrific place for students to grow and learn not only as individuals but also as members of a group. We promote citizenship on a weekly basis by rewarding one student from each class who turned schoolwork in on time. This student exemplifies best efforts and has been kind and courteous to not only fellow classmates but to all children. We also hold quarterly flag raising ceremonies by each grade level; grades K–3 take turns with the presentation.

Along with promoting citizenship, we offer a great curriculum taught by highly qualified teachers. We invite you to read more about our school goals, special school days, and highly qualified teachers.

Our Goals

  1. Develop skills in language arts and mathematics, focusing on reading, written expression, and computational skills.
  2. Promote a positive self-concept.
  3. Provide meaningful, concrete learning experiences.
  4. Develop good listening and comprehension skills.
  5. Instill an understanding of basic values such as honesty, responsibility, respect for others and their property.
  6. Develop good health habits.
  7. Encourage good citizens and develop self-discipline.
  8. Encourage acceptance and exploration of new ideas.
  9. Promote democratic principles.
  10. Instill an acceptance of others regardless of race, religion, or economic background.

Special School Days

During the year, we have special days like hat day, dress up like someone you admire day, backwards day, crazy hair day, inside out day, 50s day, and tie day. We also hold an annual authors day where teachers display samples of students’ work, including stories and poetry, for public display in our gym. We want our students to be excited to come to school. These days create an exciting atmosphere around Taylor Elementary.

High Quality Teachers

We carefully select all of our teachers because your child’s education is our number one priority, and we want them to have one of the best elementary educations possible. All of our teachers have met the requirements for being highly qualified. Our teachers want your child to succeed as much as you do, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact them.