Little Lobo News

We invite parents and community members to visit our News page frequently. We're excited about all of our upcoming activities for the school year, and we want to make sure you hear about them. We will update this page with information regarding student awards, past and future events, and other exciting school news.

District Back-to-School Preparations
View more photos of the staff preparation meetings

The beginning of the year for Snowflake Unified School District takes a lot of work. Please enjoy these pictures of our meetings for teachers and staff. We have our teacher orientation, which includes a tour of the schools in our Lobo bus, and the traditional Trappers pie. Staff orientation, secretary meetings, food service meetings, CPR training, bus trainings, mentor meetings, and sub training are all a part of our back-to-school preparations. Every year we kick off with a huge pep assembly to create unity and Lobo spirit amongst the staff. Administration and board members get in on the fun, making sure that the staff knows hard work and fun go hand in hand. This district is a wonderful place to work!

New Box Top App
Box Tops App

Big changes are coming to Box Tops! Earning cash for your school just got easier and all you need is your smartphone. When you download the new and improved Box Tops app, you will be able to scan your receipt, instantly identify Box Tops products, and automatically add cash to your school’s earnings online.

Keep clipping regular Box Tops and sending them to your schools as long as you continue to find them on packages. Your school will still get credit for all Box Tops validly submitted by your school’s coordinator. Don’t send in the new Box Tops icon used to mark products that are eligible for Box Tops earnings via receipt, please scan these in the new Box Tops app.

Remember to scan your receipt in the Box Tops app also. Most brand teams are awarding both the receipt scan earnings and the traditional clip earnings for a single item purchased during this time of transition.

This is a great way friends and family can help support our school, even if they don't live close. They can download the app and choose for their Box Tops to go to Taylor Elementary. 

Bus Routes

The 2019–2020 bus routes are now available. We encourage you to take a look by viewing our district Transportation page. Here you will find information such as driver's name, bus number and color, and more.

Vaccination Information

Arizona vaccine coverage among school-age children in Arizona continues to decline, putting our state at increased risk of a vaccine preventable disease outbreak. Please take a moment to read an important letter from our Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Department of Health Services. We also invite you to visit the AZDHS vaccination information page.